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SummaryAccording to power, divided into ordinary power, high power and ultra high power electric arc furnace; furnace cover according to rotation mechanism can be divided into independent foundation, foundation, large slewing bearing and four connecting rod structure types; operation mode is divided into left and right operation operation in two forms; accor...【More details】


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   Xi'an PENGYUAN Metallurgical Equipment Co. Ltd. was established in February 20, 2017, is located in Shaanxi Xi'an Chinese, main business is manufacturing, environmental protection dust removing technology design, smelting raw materials processing and advanced smelting technology development and design of metallurgical equipment, the company's vision is to become the service sets smelting technology can provide advanced and suitable for user solutions to leading enterprises, will "create excellent brand, metallurgy furnace industry.

   The company was founded in mind, is because China's metallurgical furnace manufacturing industry only large state-owned enterprises: Xi'an Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. PENGYUAN heavy electric furnace (hereinafter referred to as the west electric enterprises, PENGYUAN) no longer undertake external electric business. At present, the company's technology, technology, service,  ...【More】

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